Amateur Radio
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Rigs:  (2) FT 2000 (for SO2R)
Roofiing Filters: NS by AC0C

Amps: Alpha 99 and Alpha 8410
Antenna Tuner:  Ameritron ATR-30

Contest Logging: N1MM
Pan Adapter: SDR IQ and SpectrVue

SO2R: DXDoubler
Band Decoders: (2) Top Ten Devices
Band Pass Filers: Ice 419 and Dune Star Model 600

DVK: Via FT 2000 with (2) Yaesu FH-2
Rig/Computer Interface: MicroHAM USB II

RTTY: mircoHAM USB II interface
Mic/Headphone: Heil Proset with HC 4 Element
Keyer: Idiom Press CMOS-4
Paddles: Bencher and March R3 Paddle
Watt Meters: (2) Bird Mode 43

Antenna Tuner: Ameritron ATR-30
Rotor Controllers: Two Ham 4 Controllers
Weather Station: Vantage Vue by Davis
Beverage Controller: DX Engineering Model CC-8

6 Meter Station
M2 3 Element Beam
Commander II Amp Single 3CX800 at 600W




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