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My name is Jack O'Mara and my call is W4NF (Whiskey Four November Fox). November Fox

I live in Manassas, Virginia. We moved from Woodbridge, VA to our new home in Manassas in 1997. The house is beautiful (good for my wife) but it is in an antenna-restricted community (bad for me). Our house sits on 2 acres. Shortly after moving in, the property that adjoins the back of our lot went up for sale. This property was outside the restrictive covenants of my community and was zoned as an agricultural property. After a lot of talking and pleading, my wife agreed to let me purchase the property.

The property is 5 acres of heavily wooded land which fronts on a dirt road and has an a adjoining property line at the back of our home's property.  My friends and I cleared a site in the woods where the 75 foot tower now sits.

Now for a little background on my family and amateur radio (Ham Radio). I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1975 when I received the call WN4NFS. I upgraded to General Class the next year and received the call WB4NFS. My Dad, also named Jack O'Mara, was then K4HWG (now SK W4AD). Dad recently became a Silent Key on October 17, 2009. He helped me along and put up with my many attempts at new antenna designs dangling from the trees around the house. My brother, Bill (then WB4RMJ, now (W4RM) received his license in 1976 and one of my three sisters, Colleen, WD4ADZ, also received her license. Needless to say, there was soon a line at my Dad's station for operating time. I soon went to college at the United States Merchant Marine Academy where ham radio ended up taking a back seat to school. I did get to operate on board ship during my two 6 month sea years as an Engineering Cadet and ran many phone patches.

Once school was over I began sailing as an Assistant Engineer for Sun Transport (SUNOCO) and was able to buy a house in Woodbridge, VA.  Laurie and I were married shortly after in 1982.  I was able to get a 40' tower up and start contesting again. This is when I upgrade to an Extra Class license and when the Vanity call sign program started I dropped the "BS" from my call and became W4NF. I am very involved in Ham Radio Contesting and have been a member of The Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) since 1976, joining when I was 16 years old. I am also a member of Woodbridge Amateur Radio Club (WARC) and participate in our twice-annual treks up the mountain (Flagpole Knob, VA el. 4300' ASL) for the June and September VHF Contests. We operate as W4IY and also use this call during our record setting Field Day events.

I have also been on several DXpeditions, Bermuda (during my 10 year wedding anniversary), Montserrat, where we placed first in the world in Multi Two as VP2MFM, the British Virgin Islands (Tortola) as VP2VW where we placed in the Top 5 World Wide in the Multi Two category and St. Lucia (J68RI) where we competed in the Multi Multi category. I also operated as VP2V/W4NF while visiting Virgin Gorda during our 25th Wedding Anniversary trip to the island. Additionally, I have operated several IOTA stations in NA 067 and NA 112 while on vacations.
Professionally, I am a Marine Engineer and a 1982 graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

I want to thank my wife, Laurie, for her understanding and support of my Ham Radio hobby.

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