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The following is an audio clip from a Ham in Europe while in I was operating from Bermuda on 6-meters.

While operating in Bermuda I experienced a great E Skip opening to Europe which resulted in a number of First Time contacts between these two countries on 6 Meters.  I was only running a TS-690S at 100 watts and the only antenna I had was a Cushcraft R5 vertical. The following table lists the First Time contacts ever between Bermuda the following countries.

                                                                    Bermuda 50 MHz Firsts

 My Call  Station Call  Country  Date  Time
 WB4NFS/VP9  GJ4ICD  Jersey  6/25/1994 2026Z
 WB4NFS/VP9  PA3DOL  Netherlands  6/25/1994  2028Z
 WB4NFS/VP9  SM6FHZ  Sweden  6/25/1994  2031Z
 WB4NFS/VP9  ON4KST  Belgium  6/25/1994  2033Z
 Germany  6/25/1994  2034Z*
 WB4NFS/VP9  LA9ZV  Norway  6/25/1994  2112Z
 WB4NFS/VP9  OZ2LD  Denmark  6/25/1994  2144Z

*DJ9KG has reported his contact at 2037Z as the First VP9 to DK contact but the contact with DJ6NI has been confirmed as the first.

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